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Bone Grafting

After you have a tooth extracted, you will have an empty socket that normally fills in with bone as your body heals. However, the area may not fill in with enough bone for a dental implant to be placed. Your doctor will discuss with you the possibility of the need for bone grafting at the time of your extraction if you are considering an implant or a partial denture or a bridge.

The bone graft provides a framework for your own bone to replace. It will heal with dense bone and usually, with more bone than if you did not have a bone graft performed. This will allow you to have an implant placed sooner and will also give you a healthier jaw ridge to have dentures or a bridge made to replace teeth.

After removing the tooth, your doctor will pack the extraction site with the bone graft and then close the gum tissue with sutures. Some sutures absorb and fallout, others may need to be removed at your 1 week postoperative visit.

Most areas will need to heal for a minimum of 4 months prior to implant placement.

You and your escort will be given instructions on diet, medications, and activity. You may need a day to recuperate since you will have some swelling and possibly some bruising.

You will be given a prescription for pain medication and one or more antibiotic(s). If you play sports routinely or perform manual labor at work, let your doctor know. We can discuss when you can safely resume your activities.

This is a common procedure and as with all surgery, there are a few potential risks. Your procedure and any risks will be discussed with you at your evaluation appointment.